Your world

You are born ,you live your life ,meet many people and grow with them ,grow with your own experience .

You think only about you ,your happiness your mistakes and it’s just you all the time. Then suddenly life takes you somewhere else ,in an entire different world , where me becomes we, I become us and the definition of world is not the geographical area anymore it’s a person now . A human is your world now.

Now All your happiness and sorrow is attached to your world .

And what if your world is broken ,tore or shattered ,are you able to live peacefully then . Deep inside you are also broken and feel exactly how your world feel right now .But just to make everything alright you keep yourself strong !

Nothings feels good , nothing can be shared ,here are few lines about how you feel then !

Just to see you strong,I have made myself strong,

You are so worried and your thoughts about you are very wrong

Please come out of this situation,

Life is much bigger than this stupid depression.

Just love yourself and love the way you love me,

Let’s fight with this situation and come with me.

You’re my heart and my heart beat

You’re my world and I don’t wanna repeat.

It’s just you in my mind all the time ,

You hold my back and I’ll hold your spine

To all those whose world are being torn and depressed may you be strong and make them fight with their problems!

Happily ever after

“And they lived happily ever after ” and the chapter ends there.

No ! Never ! There is no happiness forever and if there is then it’s a virtual life .

Life is all about ups and downs ,joy and sorrow and the struggle to keep going .

And what’s the point of living if you live without any worries. How can you know the value of happiness if you have never been sad ,it’s like not knowing the value of water cause you have never been thirsty!

The true meaning of happily ever after is when you refuse to be afraid of challenges coming in your way , when you strive to move forward no matter how worsen your situation is and The two can live happily by always sorting out the things creating trouble between them . Fight with the problem together instead of fighting with each other.

The key of happiness is always in your hands ! Keep it safe don’t give your key to someone else.

So , your story never ends in “THE END” it continues to live ever after!

How your mind helps you in confused situations?

It is said “Don’t delay acting on a good idea” but how can you know whether it is a good idea ?

There is obviously something within us or with us all the time which keeps guiding us or talking to us.

Well this is nothing but our innervoice which gives us ideas when we are in turmoil. It comes automatically without anyone letting you know it .

So How these innervoice come and how can you get used to it so that you face every situation with a simple solution ?

Well start listening to good things , The more you listen the more your inner voice speaks . Be a great listener and then your mind itself will be a great speaker !


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